[SPECIALS] Product of the Week @ The Naughty Penguin

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November 28, 2012 by bustedqt

This one is for scotch whisky lovers. The Naughty Penguin brings you a special bottling from Johnny Walker, the world’s number one distillery. It’s the Double Black, a blended whisky with characteristics that separate it from its cousin, the Black Label. The Penguin’s man Chase Bickerton (or should we say Chaser this once?) explains: “Using the established ‘Black Label’ as a starting point, smokier whisky from the West Highlands -and probably Islay- is added as well as stock from heavily charred oak barrels, leaving us with a dram far separate from it’s ‘Black’ brother.”. We won’t tell the full story; for that, go and check the Penguin’s stock.

Johnny Walker Double Black served neat (NZ$ 10 / 30ml) or mixed (NZ$ 15 sours / Robbie & Bobbie Burns)

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