[PHOTOS] Worldstock @ The World Bar

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December 11, 2012 by bustedqt

It’s hard to explain how good Worldstock was. It’s even harder to translate the vibe through the photos (we’ve tried our best; enjoy and share). A huge turnover and some exquisite characters, the whole bar floor covered in turf, a true festival atmosphere with live acts at the main stage and DJs in the back bar. We must sing praises to all of The World Bar‘s crew, who put on a massive effort in setting the place up and for keeping everyone happy. It went into the wee hours of Sunday. Unfortunately it was only one night, but we guess it’s better like this. Now we all have things to look forward to in 2013. Peace. Love. Worldstock.

PS: Busted is extremely happy to have been part of this love festival. We love you all, and if you love us back, please like our Facebook page as well as The World Bar’s!


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